Situated among the residences and tree-lined streets of Zelienople and Harmony are more than a dozen beautiful churches of various denominations. Among these are English Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, United Church of Christ, Baptist, Nazarene and Catholic congregations. Harmony's 1825 Mennonite meetinghouse, rarely used for the past century, now serves a new Old Order Amish Mennonite Brethren Congregation.

Calvin Presbyterian Church 724-452-7560 View
Camp Run United Presbyterian Church 724-368-8446 View
Crestview United Presbyterian Church 724-538-8559 View
English Lutheran Church 724-452-8110 View
Faith Full Gospel Church 724-452-5864 View
First Baptist Church of Evans City 724-538-8341 View
First Baptist Church of Zelienople 724-452-9290 View
First Bible Baptist Church 724-452-7915 View
Grace Church Of Harmony 724-452-7270 View
Harmony-Zelienople United Methodist Church 724-452-7670 View
Jehovah's Witness Zelienople Congregation 724-452-1331 View
Oak Grove Lutheran Church 724-774-3433 View
Park United Presbyterian Church 724-452-9570 View
Seaman Memorial Lutheran Church 724-452-5400 View
St. Gregory's Catholic Church 724-452-7245 View
St. John's Burry's Church 724-452-6941 View
St. John's Lutheran Stone Church 724-865-2490 View
St. John's United Church of Christ 724-538-8124 View
St. Matthias Catholic Church 724-538-5331 View
St. Paul's Lutheran Church 724-452-8832 View
St. Peter's Lutheran Church 724-538-5810 View
St. Peter's Reformed Church 724-452-8120 View
Victory Family Church 724-453-6200 View
Westminster United Presbyterian Church 724-538-8188 View
Zelienople Church Of The Nazarene 724-452-9190 View
Zion Lutheran Church 724-452-8886 View


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