Tips to Help You Get Lots of Dates

Going out on dates is fun, but how does one get one? Pop culture makes it look easy and makes people think other people should make the effort but you do not have to sit around and wait. Here are some tips to help you get tons of dates!


Get Out There

Of course, how will you get a date if you do not go out into the world? Sitting around in your room and waiting for someone to randomly message you will take too long. Here are some ways to put yourself out there.

  1. Get Virtual
    Dating sites and apps are the way most people get dates, especially young people. There is no shame in it either – both parties are single and want to have fun. You can check out sites that show you a lot of single people nearby that you can chat to once you have matched with them. If you are more of an introvert, this is a great way to start putting yourself out into the world.

  2. Approach People
    Approaching people is how you meet people which will lead you to getting dates. If you see a cute girl regularly at the coffee shop you frequent, why not talk to her or buy her a coffee? If you happen to bump into someone at a shop, do not be shy and make a joke that can start a whole conversation.

  3. Socialize More Often
    Going out will let you meet more people – therefore, higher chances of getting dates. Socializing and talking to new people is the way you get to know more people and they could end up liking you. Go out to that house party and accept that club invite because you never know who you will meet. Even if you do not meet someone at each event, you still went out and had a good time with your friends!

Do Not Be Scared of “No”

Rejection is a part of life, in nearly any part of it too. However, most successful people are not successful because they gave up after the first rejection that they got. For example, 7 out of 10 girls you ask out on a date might say no – but there is still a chance that you get 3 dates. We recommend that you do not bother the same person to go out on a date after they said no though – that would be creepy and bothersome rather than persistent.

Slow and Steady

If you met someone good looking, you might want to jump in and ask them out on a date straight away. However, that might not always be a good move. You might want to talk to them first and get a way to contact them like their number or social media accounts. Take a little time to get to know them more (and they will learn more about you) then ask them out. Slow and steady normally wins the race.

Getting loads of dates is not hard – you just have to put some effort into getting them. Follow these tips to have tons of fun dates!